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     1.8 +Serving as a TA for Professor Sussman will get you three things: gread
     1.9 +advice, spectacular reading recommendataions, and lots of high quality
    1.10 +tea. I can't share the advice or the tea, but I can compile a reading
    1.11 +list. Some of the materials on this represent research paths that lead
    1.12 +to unexplored terrority. Some are textbooks that express concepts so
    1.13 +clearly they will change your life and make you weep for joy. I hope
    1.14 +that you will get something interesting out of this reading list,
    1.15 +wherever you are in life -- there's stuff I wish I knew about in
    1.16 +middle school, and there are things I can't wait to read this
    1.17 +summer. Enjoy! (and send corrections to!)
    1.19  If you want to cite any of these papers, [[./sussman-recs.bib][here]] is a bibtex format file
    1.20  that contains all of these papers in the order they appear on the